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If you cannot open these forms and files, you need the Acrobat Reader. Click the Acrobat Reader logo to go to the Adobe website where you can obtain it. The basic reader is free and highly recommended.

Here you will find Tour Permits, Model (Talent) Releases, Medical forms.

The Model Releases (Talent Releases) are necessary to allow publishing personal information on a publicly visible web page or any other publicly available distribution. The National Talent Release authorizes a wide variety of uses, including but not limited to advertising and publishing in Boy's Life Magazine, photographs and descriptions of scouts and scout activities. The National form does not provide for limited use, only unlimited use.

The Council and District Release forms allow specifying limited use of personal information.

Restricted websites operate in a manner similar to a newsletter or other privately distributed publication.

All National Forms

Internet Information Permission for posting information on Trapper Trails Council Website. This is for both adults and youth; and allows you to specify what kinds of information, if any, will be posted on the Trapper Trails Council Website.

Internet Information Permission for posting information on Old Ephraim District Website. As above, but intended for Old Ephraim District and Troop websites. Since the Old Ephraim Website includes password-protected private areas, you can specify which types of information shall be in the public areas, and which kind of information shall be allowed in the private areas.

National Talent Release, Council Talent Release authorizing publication in any BSA publication, including electronic media, of your photograph, video, sound records, and information. Portraits of scouts should always use one of these. No provision exists for limited rights distribution; nothing prevents you from specifying whatever limits you prefer.

Class 1 and 2 Medical Exam (PDF Format). Required annually for all participants. This is also the permission slip for parents to authorize participation in scouting events and emergency medical treatment of their scouts. Adult leaders need it to authorize emergency medical treatment.

Class 3 Medical Exam (PDF Format). Required for long-term camping. Good for 3 years except adults over 40 need it annually. Also required for any scout having unusual medical conditions.

Local Tour Permit (500 miles distance or less)(Legal Size PDF Format). Don't leave home without it! Not many people can print legal size documents so you should fetch yours from the District Office, but here it is if you are able to print it.

Eagle Leadership Service Project Packet (PDF Format)